Magnetic Brooches

We are Lulushop and we do more than handmade brooches: we offer a system that is innovative, convenient and reliable.

This trendsetting accessory gives the somewhat old-fashioned brooch a new lease of life: in fact, it is now possible to customise an outfit while avoiding the piercing of the clothes, to close a cardigan or a jacket (most of them without buttons nowadays) without any damage to the fabric (leather, denim, sik, cotton,, knitted wool…)
The magnets we use – 3 level of strength, depending on the size and weight of our creations -, are powerful and fully adjusted to the item: our clients are entirely satisfied.
One magnet is fixed to the brooch, and another one, encased in plastic, goes under the fabric, becoming non noticable; it allows for a discreet yet strong set up of the brooch.

Each brooch being handmade, there might a very slight difference between the model on the picture and the one you receive ( non contractual pictures).

In case you were wishing for a personalized item, please feel free to contact us.

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